PAD Stories

"This time, with a PAD, I did not receive any treatments that I did not want. They were very respectful.  I really felt like the hospital took better care of me because I had my PAD. In fact, I think it's the best care that I've ever received."

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Who has to comply with this law?

Certain provider entities must comply with the law in order to receive Medicare or Medicaid payment from the federal government.  However, the requirements of the law apply for all individuals in these facilities (or treated through these providers), not only for people who are on Medicare or Medicaid.  Provider entities covered under the law are:

• Hospitals;
• Skilled nursing homes;
• Nursing homes;
• Providers of Medicare and Medicaid home health care;
• Medicaid personal care providers;
• Health maintenance organizations competitive medical plans and health care prepayment plans ;
• Hospice programs certified by Medicare or Medicaid.

In addition, state Medicaid agencies have certain obligations under the law.