PAD Stories

"This time, with a PAD, I did not receive any treatments that I did not want. They were very respectful.  I really felt like the hospital took better care of me because I had my PAD. In fact, I think it's the best care that I've ever received."

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What other information can I include in my PAD?

This varies state by state. Refer to your state's page for information about forms and requirements.  Generally, you can create a PAD by filling out the provided form for your state. If your state does not have a specific form, your state's statute should list the criteria for making your own valid form. Most states require the PAD form to be witnessed and formally signed, and some states require it be notarized. You must make sure that your PAD form is given to your physician and your other mental health treatment providers, so that they will have access to your PAD during any future crisis. 

Additional information you can include in your PAD:

  •  a person to contact in case of a mental health crisis

  • possible causes of your mental health crisis

  •  ways to help you avoid hospitalization

  • how you generally react to hospitalization

  •  other relevant instructions