PAD Stories

"This time, with a PAD, I did not receive any treatments that I did not want. They were very respectful.  I really felt like the hospital took better care of me because I had my PAD. In fact, I think it's the best care that I've ever received."

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Can a provider refuse to follow an advance directive?

If permitted under state law, providers can refuse to implement provisions of an advance directive, based on conscience objections.  The facility must make clear when instructions of an advance directive would not be followed due to a conscience objection and:

• Provide a clear and precise statement of limitations if the provider cannot implement the advance directive based on conscience; 

• Clarify any differences between institution-wide conscience objection and those that may be raised by individual physicians;

• Identify the State legal authority permitting a conscience objection,

• Describe the range of medical conditions or procedures affected by the conscience objection.