PAD Stories

"This time, with a PAD, I did not receive any treatments that I did not want. They were very respectful.  I really felt like the hospital took better care of me because I had my PAD. In fact, I think it's the best care that I've ever received."

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National Resource Center on Psychiatric Advance Directives - Educational Webcasts

Educational Webcasts

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Psychiatric Advance Directives  -  A quick introduction (3:42)

How to write a Psychiatric Advance Directive?  (15:04)

Introducing Psychiatric Advance Directives   Marvin Swartz, M.D.  (17:41)

What Information Goes Into Psychiatric Advance Directives?  Eric B. Elbogen, Ph.D., M.L.S. (12:07)

Federal Law on Advance Directives: The Patient Self-Determination Act  Chris Koyonagi. (14:10)

What Families Need to Know About Psychiatric Advanced Directives   Marvin Swartz, MD (19:43)

Facilitation of Psychiatric Advance Directives   (13:29) 

Psychiatric Advance Directives:  What Every Consumer Needs to Know   Mary Blake, Public Health Advisor  (54:13)

Psychiatric Advance Directives: A New Tool for Consumer Empowerment   Marvin Swartz, MD; Mary Blake, CRE  (74:24)